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The story is set in 2006, Lagos, Nigeria, at a time when it was conceived that privatization of government owned business institutions will lead to improved productivity, customer satisfaction and social development. But then, delivery of goods and services worsened quantitatively and qualitatively even when virtually everything but only the government itself and the armed forces remain to be privatized. Philosophically, the film series, in dramatizing the struggles between the forces for and against development, ponder on what impact any adopted economic system (left or right), can have in the first place, if the key managers of society are not committed to the greatest good of the greatest majority.

A human and Social Development Consultancy (HUSODEV Consult) is conceptualised by two friends – Mr. Olufemi David and Mr. Muhktar Usman. Everything was well mapped out; the radical humanist, Muhktar Usman will craft proposals for contract, and Olufemi David, the liberal conservative, will over-see the business and managerial aspects of the organisation. But in order to set up this organization, they would have to outsource funds from the big-wigs who would in turn constitute the organization’s Board of Directors. Amongst the big-wigs that Olufemi and Muhktar approached is the ambitious, pompous politician and shrewd businessman – Chief Nnamdi Williams.

HUSODEV Consult did pretty well within its first four years until Olufemi started siphoning huge chunks of money from the organization’s account to support Chief Nnamdi’s almost impossible political ambition of being senator. Bankruptcy starred the consult in the face, staff loyalty and morale dropped and the organisation nose-dived.

A scheme to rope Muhktar for the organizations downturn and eventually terminate him for his strong drive to use HUSODEV Consult as a base for engaging a couple of federating states in Nigeria for economic independence and the achievement of the Millennium Developmental Goals resulted in a chain reaction of blackmail, escalating violence and assassinations involving major stakeholders for and against the development, as well as reactionary intentional syndicates building up to a shattering end.

ACT ONE: The Life-line

Muhktar’s brilliant proposal wins the consult a lifeline ₦400,000,000 contract to organize a major national policy on HIV/AIDS Conference. Hopes seem rekindled until a mysterious rejection letter duly crafted (organizations letter head, stamp, seal and Olufemi’s signature) leaves the consult to Abuja, stating the consults inability to fulfil the contract terms the contract is immediately re-awarded to a rival MacWells Agency, an unscrupulous organization that Muhktar’s would have been father-in-law (Alhaji Bashiru) owns and that he has been trying to get Muhktar to be a part of.


Bad vibes sweep through HUSODEV Consult. The board members are terrified. Accusations and allegations are laid, friendship are torn apart. Muhktar is furious; all fingers pointing to him as the guilty one.


ACT TWO: The Revelation

Alhaji Azeez, a member of the conference organization committee at Abuja manages to pull some strings and the contract is re-structured to a joint venture between HUSODEV/MACWELLS. But Muhktar’s will have no part in the half-baked excitement. He seeks help from his mentor, Rahman (a reckoned radical that has traversed universities in five countries) and Ejiro Umukoro (his old university colleague), to unravel some of the mysteries behind the contract sell out. HUSODEV Consult board members on the other hand employ the services of two ex-cops to investigate the same.


Paths are crossed, secrets are revealed, and families are destroyed as Muhtar battle to vindicate himself and salvage his lifelong dream of services to humanity from compelling external anchored by chief Nnamdi and Alhaji Basiru that will stop at nothing to satisfy their self-interest.


Chief Williams is desperate, elections are at hands and Muhktar stands between him and the contract money. He orders Olufemi to carry out a staff re-shuffle in order to surround and stifle Muhktar’s efforts. Little did Olufemi know that he too is being set up for a blackmail and will soon be replaced by a more vicious henchman, Mr Tommy Smith, as MD. Meawhile, Alhaji basiru is still wistful about Muhktar and wanting him in Macwells agency, and also as a husband to his daughter, Aishat.

But with Muhktars conviction growing stronger ad his developmental dream growing wider, he soon attracts the attention of the enigmatic senator Mustapha and a guardian angel Clarence. Both men would play huge roles in attempting to deliver Muhktar from the clutches of the most feared, most thorough of blood thirsty assassins, Tunji Adewale; now dispatched by an international syndicate to terminate Muhktar, as the earlier scheme to weaken him through the intervention of his mentor, Rahman, fails.


Tunji swings into action the moment he steps his foot on the sands of Nigeria and soon enough, Rahman, Muhktar’s mentor, is compromised, Ejiro is sacrificed and the death count begins.


ACT THREE: The Conclusion

The odds are against Muhktar. He speeds up his strategy for the decentralization and self-sufficiency of the 36 states of the federation. However, unknown to him, his mentor and teacher, Rahman, has changed sides under duress – Tunji having him by the balls.

The death count rises. Adolphus, a member of HUSODEV board is assassinated, Muhktar’s girlfriend is cut down; and the message is clear – Muhktar knows death is near.

Senator Mustapha worries as he seeks a pattern of intervention; Clarence is troubled as Tunji gets more desperate than ever, inching ever closer to Muhktar, who becomes even more consumed with his mission to perfect and hand over the development strategy to his ardent federalist allies in key government positions in strategic states of the federation. The battles between good and evil rises to its peak… and poverty always favours evils….

The over 20hrs film series was shot between 2001 and 2011 at locations in Lagos and Ogun State, Nigeria.



Quite apart from the fact that any relevant product in the education, health, home-making, infrastructure development and fashion sectors can be easily identified with the wide setting that the drama embraces, there are the characters of Muhktar, Olufemi, Simon (the janitor); Rahman (Muhktar’s mentor); Chief Williams (the HUSODEV Board mastermind); Tunji (the head of an international enforcement agency); the enigmatic Senator Adeiza Mustapha; Alhaji Ahmed Bashiru and his uniquely endowed daughters – Sefiat and Aishat; as well as other vivid and memorable characters.


Muhktar’s radical inclination and care-free lifestyle makes him the apparent suspect in the sabotage saga enveloping the company he co-founded with the M.D., Olufemi Davids. His annoyance with that fact propels him to enlist his friends’ help to unmask the real perpetrators and their motive, a move that landed them squarely at the centre of intrigue, power play, blackmail and assassination attempts.


Olufemi Davids’ liberal humanism and managerial expertise is tested severely as he finds himself caught between the devil and the deep blue sea as the war to determine society’s development direction rages between Muhktar’s team and their adversaries.


Equally trapped in the cross-fire are two private investigators - Gabriel and Mmadu, hired apparently to unveil the saboteur. What will their spirited effort trigger?


Chief Nnamdi Williams is revealed clearly as the typical business mogul with political interests. His choices, as one of the founding promoters of the HUSODEV dream, are increasingly being governed strictly by his personal interests, as he plunges himself with vigour into the developmental fray.


Simon, the man Muhktar likes to address as “Simon the Virus,” is the janitor whose true identity and mission is revealed progressively as the series advances. What would he, an overseas-trained Masters-Degree holder in Political Science be doing as a janitor in the second biggest Development Solutions Company in Nigeria? A clownish clean-up boy by day and a mafia manager alongside Chief Nnamdi and co. by night!


HUSODEV Consult, second only to MACWELLS Agency has as interesting assembly of  shareholders which comprises of business-like men and women, some with political ambitions who guise themselves as professing to humanitarian dispositions. So far so good for their mission and interests until the break of the sabotage crises.


MACWELLS Agency is the number one Development Solutions Company in the country. Almost like a government parastatal; its board is peopled with ‘Lions’ with an alarming Corporate Social Responsibility (non)sense. Opposed to HUSODEV and what it represents and portends for the country’s developmental future, a struggle for ascendancy is triggered the moment they fail to absorb and/or neutralize Muhktar. Macwells is headed by Alhaji Ahmed Bashiru and piloted by his brilliant daughter, Aishat, who Muhktar gave up in order to live his dream.


Tunji, the Nigerian-born agent of international power is a precision neutralization machine. He and his coldly effective gang of three are now after Muhktar.


Senator Adeiza Mustapha is the youngest man in the Nation’s Senate. An equally coldly calculative ex-radical who says he has found other means to the same end!


The foregoing played out under a directorial vision that sees commitment to people as the only just foundation for productivity and enterprise, makes for a tight drama against the panoramic backdrop of romance and family life.


All these characters are vibrantly portrayed with unique nuances that cannot fail to live up to branding expectations.



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