Adebayo Ojo-Iyara

Founder & First Managing Director

Adebayo Ojo-Iyara, Poet, o Ojo-Iyara, Poet, Writer and Thinker, is Founder and first Managing Director of Nubia House. He is Producer of the Film Series, Private Sector. Among other works, he is Editor of the Poetry Anthology, Four Black Poets, and the Author of Bob Marley: Songs of African Redemption and Steed of Speech: Yoruba Proverbs in English.

Titilayo Adebayo

Director of Nubia House Production Ltd.

Adebayo Titilayo is a Theatre Scholar and Practitioner, Film Director, Creative Consultant and Designer. She is the Director of Nubia House Productions Ltd. Some of her prominent works include directing the Nubia House TV Series - Private Sector, Documentaries, Theatre Projects and Music Productions. She currently lectures at University of Lagos, Nigeria. She is also Director of Nubia House's Certificate-awarding Training institution, Nuh Arts School.

Adewoyin Israel

Music Director of Nubia House Productions Ltd.

Adewoyin Israel Ademola is a graduate of Performing Arts University Of Ilorin. He also studied Music at N.C.E level: a multi instrumentalist, he is the Music Director Nubia House Productions Limited.

Stella Emonimah Peters

 Make-up/Costume Artiste and Facility Manager

Stella Emonimah Peters is Nubia House Make-up/Costume Artiste and Facility Manager. She is also involved with Politics and Social Advocacy in the field of Reproductive Health Rights of Women and Young Girls across Nigeria.

Ebby Olusegunfunmi Ige

Nubia House Media Manager

Ebby Olusegunfunmi Ige is Nubia House Media Manager, with years of experience as Online Marketer as well as a Search Engine Optimizer. Ebby is a social commentator and youth activist.

Emoruwa Esther Abimbola-Omolara

Nubia House Script/Research Coordinator.

Emoruwa Esther Abimbola-Omolara is Nubia House Script/Research Coordinator. She holds  a B.A. and Master’s degrees in Performing Arts from the University of Ilorin, Kwara State. She is an enthusiastic researcher with flair to know more at every opportunity. She is a practicing dramatist, actress, theatre administrator and costume cum make-up artiste with a strong passion for theatre and the media arts. She has several play productions to her credit. She is married and blessed with children.

Adeniran Adeoye Oginni

 Nubia House Productions and Logistics Coordinator

Adeniran Adeoye Oginni is Nubia House Productions and Logistics Coordinator. He holds a B.A Hons degree in Performing Arts from the University of Ilorin, Ilorin Kwara State, Nigeria. He is an active Performing Artist whose areas of specialization include Theatre/film Directing, Theatre for Development, and Acting. He is married with children.

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